To the person I love the most,

I never thought I’d ever get a chance to love and be loved by you. We’ve come a long way from our IT Park moments. Who would’ve thought so much could happen in just 8 months?

In 8 months, we’ve become each others’ life partners, may it be as lovers or as brothers. In 8 months, we’ve known each other beyond our similarities to our stunningly great differences. In 8 months, we’ve both made each other both happy and sad in our very dynamic relationship. In 8 months, we’ve become the awesome-st duo anyone has ever seen.

In those 8 months, I’ve discovered how precious you are and how much potential you hold. You’re going a long way, just take one step at a time. And now that you’re 18, I hope that you’d learn to overcome all your weaknesses and to grow into what you’re really capable of. I’m not your number 1 fan. Not even your number 2. I’ll leave those slots for your mom and brother. I am most definitely number 3 though and I look forward to your success.

Thank you very much for everything. For helping me stand up again, for supporting me in my passion, and for loving me beyond my misgivings. I love you so much. Happy birthday!

(Yes, those are photos from our mini Bohol escapade. It was perfect.)

"Sundate" 1 of 2

Today was very spontaneous. We rarely go out on Sundays since we’re very lazy people. So yeah, my mom made us get up off our asses. We went to the mall and bought a couple of stuff. After walking all over the place, we went inside Pizza Hut and decided to eat there. 

Mom had an Ensogo voucher (these things are really convenient and not to mention, thrifty) that was good for a meal good for 3 people. Which was perfect since there was just three of us. And so we pigged out.

(Mama Janeth on the left, my brother Zeb on the right)