Nanay and Tatay

I call them the Legendary. Why? because they’re the best. They took care of my dad and his siblings when they were young, and when my dad and his siblings grew up, nanay and tatay took care of us cousins. They made sure that we grew up with values and good manners.

I met them again tonight. It’s been almost a year since I haven’t seen them or even talked to them even though their house is just 30 minutes away from ours. I was so happy, being able to see them brings back tons and tons of memories. Those times when I was still a little tyke and used to help in Nanay’s eatery (I would wash the dishes and help “takos” the soup.) And I remember when Tatay used to lift me up to his shoulders. I remember them so clearly. I guess the fondest memories are the hardest to forget. 

I love seeing them happy. I love seeing them going strong for so long. I love them.